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The path to full expression. . .


The name Metta Dance Collective is a reflection of our core values and aspirations. The word 'Metta,' from the teachings of Buddhism means loving-kindness. It serves as the guiding principle behind everything we do. We aim to foster an environment of inclusivity and safety, embodying the spirit of 'metta' by creating a community where individuals can flourish and express themselves freely.

The choice of 'Collective' in our name is deliberate – it represents our commitment to community and collaboration. Metta Dance is not just about dance steps; it's about the collective strength and creativity that emerges when diverse individuals come together.

Rooted in the profound meaning of 'metta,' our collective is a dance community that celebrates love, kindness, growth, and expression. Join us as we dance together, learn from one another, and collectively create a space where everyone can thrive.

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Our Vision

We envision a world where dance celebrates all identities and backgrounds while fostering human connection. A dance world where people feel safe to thrive and fully express themselves.

Our Mission

Our mission is to unite through dance, creating an inclusive space where individuals grow  physically, emotionally and spiritually. We aspire to be a catalyst for positive change, empowering individuals to embrace their truest selves through the transformative power of dance.

Our Values


Embracing the collective power within our diverse community, fostering an inclusive, safe, and non-judgmental space that encourages connection and support, believing that together, we are stronger, united as one chosen family accessible to everyone.

Meet your Instructor

My name is Carina Palomino

Dance is more than movement; it's an exploration of self, a journey that unveils layers of connection, expression, and embodiment. During the challenging times of COVID, the absence of dance in my life revealed its profound impact. It wasn't just moving to the beat; it was a force that brought people together, allowed emotions to surface, and embodied the essence of who we are.


As the world gradually reopened after the pandemic, I embraced dance wholeheartedly. I delved into performing teams, intensified my personal training, and refined my technique. Through honing my skills, I discovered that dance was a catalyst for so much more than individual growth—it was a tool for building meaningful relationships within communities, supporting others on their unique journeys, and shining brightly in a world that sometimes encourages conformity.


Dance became my means of becoming the best version of myself in every moment. It taught me the power of acceptance, the importance of putting in the work to reach my goals, and the beauty of allowing myself to expand and grow. It was no longer just about a night out dancing; it was a transformative process that echoed in every aspect of my life.


Every dance journey is distinct, and there's no predefined destination. I've learned that the path to discovering your Truest Self is not always easy, but it is undoubtedly worth the effort. It's about authentically connecting with yourself and others, expressing your true essence through movement, and inspiring those around you to do the same.


What's your dance journey? Can we embark on this transformative experience together? Let's co-create a dance journey that goes beyond the steps, unlocking the truest and most vibrant version of you.

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