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Thank you for your interest in applying!

Metta Dance Collective is dedicated to harnessing the transformative power of dance, specifically through dance training, to cultivate a tight-knit dance family. Committed to fostering inclusivity and accessibility, we established the ambassador program aimed at removing financial barriers to bachata training.

As a Metta ambassador, you will:

  • Be an essential pillars in the creation of our community.

  • Represent the essence of Metta by embodying our core values: authentic expression, synergy, expansive growth, and balanced reality.

  • Play an integral role in maintaining the necessary systems that sustain our community.

  • Bring your unique interests, perspectives, talents, and skills to contribute to our collective vision.

Volunteer with Us

We assure we will not ask questions about your financial circumstances. We trust that if you are applying, it's because you cannot access dance otherwise. Our goal is to create an inclusive space where passion and dedication shine, irrespective of financial backgrounds.

We expect you to contribute 5 hours of volunteer work every month towards the community in exchange for your unlimited monthly membership.

How do you hope to contribute to the community? (select all that apply)

Your indicated volunteer preferences are not final decisions, but initial insights into your availability and interests. We value flexibility and an open-minded approach, understanding that plans may evolve. Your input guides us in creating a tailored and meaningful volunteer experience. Thank you for sharing your preferences!

Thanks for applying to volunteer with us! 

Please note it can take up to 4 weeks to process your application. 

We will reach out via email with next steps.

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